Monday, September 11, 2017

In the new house!

Last week, on Thursday, September 7, 2017 -- the same day we signed the documents, we finally got to enter our purchased house! It was a busy afternoon, with movers moving boxes into the house till about 10:30 pm. We slept that night surrounded by boxes -- mostly unopened.

This last weekend, we all spent time unpacking clothes, shoes and trying to put together the bare bones of what we need for our daily lives. There is LOTS more to do.

Coming to work, things are getting a little exciting. I now have a web page on the University at Buffalo website as well as a page on the website of UBMD -- the physician group I am a part of. That page can be found here.  There was a meeting today to develop a plan to 'get the word out' about a new physician in the group. This will help build my practice.

Last week, I got to meet Dr. David Holmes, a wonderful Christian physician that leads the global health program for the Family Medicine residency. I hope to get involved with that in the near future too and may be going to Haiti with some medical students and residents over Christmas break.

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