Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Save your money....

Toddlers are interesting. This is the age for temper tantrums, the time when toddlers can walk, run and explore. I saw a wonderful little girl in clinic a few days ago. She smiled angelically at me and said nothing. Her 4 year old brother told me the story...

"Mary (not her real name, of course) found money!" She ate it.

Dad and Mom who came along, smiled nervously. We got an x-ray. The one on the left was at this first visit. The one next to it, about 5 days later.

Mom and dad are watching little Mary's poop every day. If the coin does not come out, we may have to go after it endoscopically.

Never a dull moment...


Several days later, we have a follow-up x-ray:

In a rare show of emotion, the radiologist's report says "Fortunately, she has passed this foreign body."
Unfortunately, the coin was never recovered in the poop. Well, there's good money down the drain... literally. ;-)