Sunday, January 23, 2011

Camp Angel 2011 Winter Camp

It's been busy! However, the Camp Angel 2011 Winter camp was on the docket and as always, it was a pleasure to go.

The Camp took place from January 21 to 23, 2011 at Camp Manito-wish YMCA -- a delightful campus ( . There were about 30 boys and girls, ages 8 to 12. A lot of the usual crew of counselors showed up, with some new faces and some that have had to move on (busy with school). Lolly Rose, the founder of Angel on My Shoulder was there, as energetic and charismatic as always. She is a great example of how one can turn a personal tragedy into a blessing for so many (read her story and more about Angel On My Shoulder at

Other volunteers were there too: Dick (whose family has been touched by cancer) and Amy, his fiance, Mike, Donna, Kerri and Jeff and Dr. Bill Hocking. We also had a 4th year medical student, Nathan Zachariah would might come help as a camp doctor.
The campers had a lot of fun, even though the temperature was below zero for part of the camp. It was -13 F (-25 C) this morning. A volunteer brought her beautiful dogs and offered dog sleigh rides to the kids. There was finger painting, face painting and rock painting. Of course, there was also horse sleigh rides, sledding, ice fishing and a talent show.

Other than the bitter cold, we all had a great time. See you all in summer.