Saturday, March 19, 2005

Match Results 3/18/2005

This is a quickie...

I remember the moment I found out where I was to spend the next four years of my life doing residency. I was working in a lab at the NIH. It was 3/15/2005 -- Match Day. I had been logging on to the Match website every few moments waiting for my news. It finally came! I had matched in Med/Peds in the Marshfield Clinic in WI. I remember going down and stepping outside the building. It was a cold morning. I called my mother in Panama and gave her the news. I posted a message on our school's clinical experiences web site that read:

Congrats to all of you out there that matched this year! I've heard from a few folk with their good news. As for me, I matched in the Internal Medicine/Pediatrics program at the Marshfield Clinic in Marshfield, WI. I am thrilled that I got the specialty of my choice. I am also thrilled that I got into the Marshfield Clinic -- a national center for genomic medicine as well as a major place with lots of fellowships and residencies.

I am sure we all share the same feelings of gratefulness to our schools' faculty and administration for all their support and help through the years that led to this day.