Thursday, November 24, 2011

Beware the Vampire Chipmunk!

It was a normal clinic day. I had to do a well child on a 4-month baby girl. Mom, Dad, brother and sister came with. To keep the other kids occupied, we have learned to give out pictures for them to color. Since I can run late sometimes and families can be in a room for a while, it helps. My patient's 7-year old big sister was doing a great job coloring a picture for me. When we were done with the visit, she proudly handed me the picture. There was a spot of red painted near the mouth of this charming printed picture of a chipmunk. Curious, I asked what that was. She proudly told me:

"That's a vampire chipmunk! That's blood."

And smiled like an angel.

I asked her what she had dressed up as for halloween. She had been a vampire hippie. Of course, the teeth hurt after a while, so she switched to just being a hippie.


Here's the picture

Friday, November 18, 2011

4-year old philosophy

Sometimes even little children can teach you the lessons of life. It was a well child visit for little brother of this 4-year old little girl, Charlotte. I love visiting with this family because when I enter into the room, I get greeted enthusiastically and rewarded with the best hugs, nothing held back. Little Charlotte calls me 'Vijay', like we're old pals. (Remember, she's 4). Well, this time she drew me this beautiful picture and wrote a word of wisdom for me. It's fun watching your patients grow as a doctor. I see the entire family and have seen them when they come in for well child visits, illnesses, injuries -- the lot. Charlotte must be just learning to write and like many 4 year olds, she inverts some of her letters.

As I struggled to read what she wrote, I could recognize only one word: 'poop'.

'This should be interesting' I thought.

I asked, "Charlotte, sweetie, this is beautiful! Can you read to me what it says?"

And here's the words of wisdom, one of life's truths. Are you ready?

"Everybody poop and that's the story."

Deep, isn't it?