Monday, October 01, 2001

Physiology and Psychology

Well, the exams went very well. I thought I had given you the results. I got the highest grade in all my courses and with the help of a curve needed to bring the class average up, in physiology, I ended up with the absurd grade of 105%. I am only taking physiology, psychology and ethics while the rest of the class has biochemistry to contend with too, so I guess I have an edge. Since what we are doing in class is very basic, I have been reading extra sections of the texts (we don't cover everything in them in our courses, for some reason). I have been really enjoying the world of EKGs - how they work, what they mean and what they can tell us about events in the heart. Of course, the honeymoon lasted for about 2 weeks. By this point, the facts are coming in so fast, it is almost getting overwhelming. How does one hold all this in these little heads we have? In my nightmares, I imagine scenarios when a patient in an emergency comes in and I don't remember what to do. I remember that we studied it and I had it perfectly when we did the exam but it was too long ago and I don't remember everything ...
Pysch is a real bag of tricks. Have you ever read any of Freud's theories? They are really off the wall, in some places. Still, one must give the man credit for being the first to enunciate in some systematic form, the workings of the mind. Even his daughter became a psychoanalyst and contributed to the field. I hear that some of Freud's earlier work was based on his observations of his daughter (and given what he wrote about psychosexual things, that must have been a really 'special' family!). Anyway, can you imagine what teatime conversation must have been at the Freuds' house?
Okay, so you can see what my life has come to consist of. Well, I guess that when we get to the hospitals, it will be all physical work and no more sitting in classrooms for 5 hours to come home to sit at a desk reading for another 5-6 hours.
Well, I better get back to the studying. It's 3:00 am in the morning here and it is raining outside. I love it.