Saturday, August 09, 2014

Camp Angel, Summer 2014

It's summer again. Among other things, that means... Camp Angel! The camp this year was held from Friday, July 11 to Sunday, July 13, 2014. Here's what we did:
The Campers were divided into 4 groups:
Foxes (3 counselors and 8 campers -- girls, ages 10 to 12), that lived in the Treehouse
Wolves (2 counselors with 7 campers -- boys ages 10 to 12), that lived in the Tower
Bears (2 counselors and 9 campers -- boys ages 8 and 8), that lived in the Fort
Bunnies (2 counselors, 2 junior counselors and 8 campers -- girls ages 7 to 9), that lived in the Covered wagons.
So, if you're wondering what the 'special visit' was on the schedule of the first day at camp, it was... a visit from the local Harley-Davidson riders club. They bought cool biker bandanas for us all too.
My daughter, Bunnie friend and a biker
Camp Angel is a wonderful opportunity to have kids between the ages of 8 and 12 (well, some older and younger ones sneak in) to get away from cancer in their families and have fun. Although there are no formal or oganized events where kids talk about cancer, you catch snatches of conversation between kids. They realize that they are not alone.

campers, counselors and some of the bikers

My duaghter, our camp photographer and me in front of a bike
The campers had fun around the fireplace and sleeping cool camp sites.
The towers, where the Wolves stayed
The covered wagons, where th Bunnies stayed
Bunnies and bears waiting for their turn on the pirate ship
First group of campers getting into dock
Bunnies making bunny ears!
coloring shirts on the pirate ship

Captain Steve makes the BEST pirate drawings for your T-shirt, AARRR!

Phoebe drives us onward to find treasures... or unsuspecting ships to attack!

Can we get the swim tests over with so we can jump in?

Getting ready for tubing on the lake!

Hey! Wait, that's not where your slug goes! It's your bait for the fish....
Who says bunnies can't fish?

Yay! I got another one!

We're all ready to party! Where's DJ Dan?

Let's go to the Y-M-C-A! Yeah!

Do the macarena!

Note to self: do not compete in a limbo competition with 8 year olds, you won't win!
Camp Angel is loads of fun. More importantly, it is a great example of how to turn tragedy into a blessing to others. In 1995, after losing her husband to cancer, Lolly Rose noticed that children were often sidelined when a loved one of theirs got cancer. It broke her heart. She founded these camps for children touched by cancer in a loved one to be able to come up for a weekend in summer and winter. She took her personal loss and transformed it into an outpouring of love and support for other families touched by cancer. The camps are free to the campers and their families. For more information, go to

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