Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Aswani Salvador

I should start by saying that I have the parents' permission to write this entry, because I shall be divulging some identifying information.

I have a wonderful family in my practice. I see both the parents and kids (one of the fun things that comes from being a Med-Peds doc). Recently, the family was blessed by the addition of twin boys. I was excitededly looking forward to doing their newborn exams.

As it turned out, my schedule was packed, and their first exam in the Med-Peds department was to be done by my colleague, who had openings in her schedule. When they checked in, one of the girls at the appointment desk came up to me with a big smile on her face and asked me if I knew about this. I thought she was asking about whether I knew that one of my families had had twins. I smiled back and said, "Oh yes! I can't wait to meet them!"

She shook her head to indicate that that was not what she meant and smiled and showed me their appointment. They had named one of the baby boys Aswani Salvador! Aswani is my last name and we had chatted in the past about my mission trips to El Salvador. Dad had mentioned at one point in the pregnancy that he would like to name one of his children after me. I had thought he was kidding. Guess not.

It was a bit ironic that even Aswani could not get in to see Aswani -- the practice is that busy!

I did get to meet the twins eventually and was somewhat embarrassed to be holding Aswani.

I hope that Aswani doesn't get flak for his name growing up. :-)

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